Look What I Found!

Found two kick ass things on The Mary Sue today:

Morrowind/Skyrim Theme Piano/Violin Medley

Life goal of mine is to learn how to play the piano. This video gives me chills, it’s so amazing. And my life has been taken over by Skyrim [check out my first impressions of the game, I will do more impressions. The game is the tits.]

Hunger Games Picture!









Aren’t they, like, perfect?  [characters L to R: Cinna, Haymitch, Peeta]. I have to say, Lenny Kravitz is kinda perfect for Cinna. For me, at least. Can’t help but get all fan-ish over this film, I am way excited. Just started ‘Mockingjay’ after careening through ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Catching Fire’. I love obsessive reading.

If Thanksgiving is your thing, hope you had a good one!



Quick post before I head out a Gamer Wine tasting [awesome], I have started and destroyed The Hunger Games-first book of three. I am so in love with it entirely. I was bound and determined to finish before I watched the trailer. I watched it and got choked up.

Jennifer Lawrence is perfection as Katniss, seriously. I have fun plans for the evening, so Catching Fire has to wait a few hours. But I plan on destroying it in no time. Yay reading!

Is everyone else liking the trailer? Sounds like it’s getting good feedback. Read these books! Magical storytelling happening there.