Game of Thrones: NEW Season 2 Trailer

Florence+The Machine music belongs with this show. New season premieres on HBO April 1st, 2012.

(via The Mary Sue)


TRAILER: Game of Thrones and Hunger Games Transmedia

Please excuse my lame absence; things like mid terms, finals and research papers are consuming all my time. But I’m too excited to not share the following:

Game of Thrones Season 2: “Shadow Tease”:

I didn’t think Joffrey could infuriate me any more than last season…but he has succeeded.

Hunger Games Teaser Trailer 2:

The trailer is too short and doesn’t really show anything we haven’t seen already, but I still had chills the entire time. I predict people freaking out over the acquirement of the Mockingjay pin…but I get the change. I can’t say I’m thrilled, but I get it. No matter, I CANNOT wait for this film. UPDATE: via The Mary Sue, I’ve learned The Hunger Games will have a limited IMAX run. There is lots of other HG news, go look now!

If you’re in the mood to get lost in Hunger Games fandom, check out The Capitol Citizen Registration Site. I was placed in District 7: Lumber. Check out my DIP:

Lionsgate has also recently launched Capitol Couture, heavily featuring Effie Trinket looking downright fabulous. These interactive viral marketing campaigns are amazingly executed and strengthen fan loyalty. They are respectful to the IP, which is very important in coming across legit.

She looks so magical! I want her to be my bad ass fairy godmother.



An ‘In Production’ first look at Game of Thrones, Season 2:

Exciting! I love catching small glimpses, it really fuels my anticipation. I’m so inspired by the production team’s creativity in bringing George R.R. Martin’s world alive. I fell in love with the series via the show, but have since obtained the books and can’t wait to catch up.

I want to have a real live feast to celebrate the season premiere. The Inn at the Crossroads site has tackled the amazing task of recreating and sampling the food from the series and have shared the recipes; my mouth waters thinking about Lemon Cakes topped with Lemon Curd. I will definitely be using their suggestions to recreate my own feast.

(video via HBO)