Skyrim FTW!

So guess what? I’m still playing Skyrim. A lot. Shocker. I don’t think I’ve advanced the main story at all since my last Skyrim post, though. I’ve been doing other important things! Like…scouring the world for Nirnroot so some chick in Riften will get off my case about her experiments…and making Apple-Cabbage Soup for my journeys….yeah.

My boyfriend and I are playing simultaneously and he is just as trapped in the word as I am. We are gearing up to do some geeky shit like write some Skyrim fanfiction! If that doesn’t expose who I really am..

Just me and Lids, trekkin' through the forest.

I still have Lydia! I’ve worked really hard at keeping her alive. Girlfriend gets in the way sometimes though! This guys Lydia wasn’t so lucky…makes me sad. I feel his pain.


The scene at Dawnstar.

The last two times I’ve arrived at Dawnstar, dragons have appeared. I just slay, and everyone stands around like “ZOMG, a dragon”

You're so dead right now.

Docks at Dawnstar.

I love Dawnstar for some reason. It’s remote, no one really goes there, and I’m a hero cause of all the dragons I’ve destroyed here. I’ve mentioned this before, but I love snowy, arctic settings. Does something for me, I tell ya. I finally got in good with the Jarl here, so I basically own this shit now.

Night Sky.

Sigh. This game, right?? It’s a bit out of control with how expansive it is. And I love that. I do have issues with it at times. Like how I can’t seem to keep a horse alive. That’s the games fault, dammit! The horse mechanics are lame. Oh and the hair for everybody is so bad. It kind of looks like something peed on your head and it dried and that’s it. Once I finish the game (ha) I will attempt a fair review, including the good and bad. Until then…SKYRIM.


Look What I Found!

Found two kick ass things on The Mary Sue today:

Morrowind/Skyrim Theme Piano/Violin Medley

Life goal of mine is to learn how to play the piano. This video gives me chills, it’s so amazing. And my life has been taken over by Skyrim [check out my first impressions of the game, I will do more impressions. The game is the tits.]

Hunger Games Picture!









Aren’t they, like, perfect?  [characters L to R: Cinna, Haymitch, Peeta]. I have to say, Lenny Kravitz is kinda perfect for Cinna. For me, at least. Can’t help but get all fan-ish over this film, I am way excited. Just started ‘Mockingjay’ after careening through ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Catching Fire’. I love obsessive reading.

If Thanksgiving is your thing, hope you had a good one!

Twilight *gasp*

Yep, I’m going to write about Twilight. I almost decided to skirt the idea of commenting on the Twilight Hate Phenomenon, as more talented ladies have already spoken on the topic more eloquently than I probably will [nerds in babelandThe Nerdy BirdThe Carnival of Random] However, I like the Twilight books and movies, they hold a special place in my geek stash, so I figured why not?

I used to be able to openly admit to liking the Twilight series, but over the last few years something has changed. I feel awkward admitting I do in fact like Twilight. I feel I will be laughed at. I’m surrounded by this notion that it’s cooler to hate on Twilight than be a fan of it now. And if you are a fan, look out! You’re about to get it good from the haters. Google “twilight hate”. There is lots of energy spent on publicly hating the series. For the record, I’m fully aware of the concerns some people have with the series’ influence on young girls in regards to sexual exploration, relationships with men, and religious implications. Those are all valid concerns which I respect. I’d love to delve in to the world of media influence on society and how blame is being displaced. But, I’m writing more to explain why I enjoy the Twilight series.

Admit it or don’t, but Stephenie Meyer lit a fire in the world of reading. It definitely resparked my ability to get lost in a fictional world. Meyer wrote her story in a way that people can remember what it feels like to fall in love for the first time. Being able to relate back to a time in my life I thought was gone forever had me hooked. And yeah, there are vampires in it. Angsty “teenage” vampires, who sparkle and don’t have fangs. Put it all together, and you have a fun fantasy world to immerse yourself in. Simple as that. The writing is not deep or complex by any means. The simplicity of it comes across amateur-ish at times, but I’m okay with that.

What fuels the immature bullying and name calling? Is it jealousy? That a story about a teenage girl and her vampire soul mate has made so much money and seen success that most of us will never comprehend? No matter the reason, the hate is just hurtful and does more harm than good. I say: get over it. Please.  Everyone loves what they do for their own personal reasons. I don’t think it’s right to ridicule others for those reasons. One love, people.


An ‘In Production’ first look at Game of Thrones, Season 2:

Exciting! I love catching small glimpses, it really fuels my anticipation. I’m so inspired by the production team’s creativity in bringing George R.R. Martin’s world alive. I fell in love with the series via the show, but have since obtained the books and can’t wait to catch up.

I want to have a real live feast to celebrate the season premiere. The Inn at the Crossroads site has tackled the amazing task of recreating and sampling the food from the series and have shared the recipes; my mouth waters thinking about Lemon Cakes topped with Lemon Curd. I will definitely be using their suggestions to recreate my own feast.

(video via HBO)


Quick post before I head out a Gamer Wine tasting [awesome], I have started and destroyed The Hunger Games-first book of three. I am so in love with it entirely. I was bound and determined to finish before I watched the trailer. I watched it and got choked up.

Jennifer Lawrence is perfection as Katniss, seriously. I have fun plans for the evening, so Catching Fire has to wait a few hours. But I plan on destroying it in no time. Yay reading!

Is everyone else liking the trailer? Sounds like it’s getting good feedback. Read these books! Magical storytelling happening there.

Changes: Round 1

I’m pretty surprised I found time between school and Skyrim to implement changes around here. Anyways, things are a little different, yeah??. Name/header/layout. I kinda like it 🙂 I “commissioned” my boyfriend David to draw/design my header. And by commissioned I mean I annoyed and pushed him to do it while he works and plays Skyrim too. With our powers combined…

I may tweak some things over the next few weeks or so, but so far, so good.