So, when I like something, I really like something. I love finding new fandoms, creators and artists. Here are a few of my newest discoveries:

1. I am pathetically obsessed with Battlestar Galactica right now…and I may or may not want Kara Thrace [aka Starbuck, acted by Katee Sackhoff] to be my new best friend. I know I’m years late to the game. I have no idea how it ends, so no spoilers! I just watched the Season 3 finale and will start the final season tonight. I’m sure there is a whole internet playground waiting for me to join once I’m done with the series.

2. I think the Team Unicorn girls are so rad. I’m really in to what they are doing with their video projects (which are hilarious) and what the are setting out to represent; geek girls really do exist! They are kind of living my dream. Check out their website, TeamUnicornFTW to check out all their awesome projects.

3. Okay, so if you know me, you should know that I play Fallout 3. A lot. So, when I heard about the Fallout: Nuka Break fan film, conceptualized by Zack Finfrock, I was fan girling all over the place. It’s REALLY GOOD. Even better, it’s going to be an ongoing web series! Then I learned the creators and actors from the fan film and web series would be at PAX Prime 2011, which I was already attending and just happens to take place 3 blocks from where I live; BONUS. The panel was great, and they surprised us with a screening of the first episode of the web series. Check this series out. It’s totally not for profit, created by Fallout fans, funded by Fallout fans, we are all just super fans here. So Bethesda, don’t sue them please, okay??

I haven’t forgotten about my write up on the latest Dragon Age II DLC. I just haven’t finished it yet because I’ve been watching too much Battlestar Galactica.