I will miss Harry Potter.

No, that title in no way a spoiler, before anyone freaks out. Thpoilerth! And I’m warning you, I’m emotional right now, and what I’m saying may sound ridiculous to some, so if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Back to all seriousness. My heart is aching in this moment. Its been 7 hours since I attended my last Harry Potter midnight show. The last time I’ll don my Gryffindor colors, proudly representing the house of The Boy Who Lived. I laid in bed this morning, groggy from only 5 hours of sleep, and my mind was filled with the magic. I started reading the books in 2000, right after the Goblet of Fire had been released. 11 years ago. Wow…I started recounting all the moments I’ve had with the series; book releases, movie releases, Halloween parties.  I’ve had so many great times because of Harry and the rest of his crew. Harry showed us all a world of magic, that it could exist, and we were able to escape to that world through his experiences. Over the last 11 years, Harry has been there, always. When the books ended, it was mildly okay because we still had the movies, right? But now…it’s over. The story has been completed, there is no more anticipation. It’s over. No more first times seeing how the book translated to screen. No more opening credits, hearing that iconic theme. Yes, I can read the books and watch the films as many times as I want. But there will be no more firsts with Harry. And that realization is causing me heartache and tears.

Harry, you could never have known this, but you’ve been by my side for 11 years. 11 very important years that have made me the person I am in this moment. I am so happy now, but life has been rough, I won’t lie. But you always represented a place of happiness and joy. You gave me something to grasp to. You sent excitement through my veins. You where always there when I needed it most. And when times where rough for you, Harry, I was always there, holding you close to my heart. Cheering you on, crying with you, always believing in you. And the rest of the world was right there with me.

My friends and I have forged a common bond because of Harry. We will always have these times together. It seemed no matter what was going on in the real world, we still managed to come together for the midnight releases, be it for the books or movies. Chaos could have been happening in our lives outside of the bookstore, or the theater, or wherever it was we found Harry at midnight. But it didn’t matter, nothing mattered, because there was no way in hell we would leave Harry hanging. Those moments where lights at the end of some pitch black tunnels. Not to make it sound like life has been a black pit of despair for the last 11 years. There have been plenty of times when a happy life and Harry have coincided. Those times made Harry even more joyous, more happy, more exciting. Harry Potter is good for your soul.

Harry, thank you. You have given me more than most people ever will. Thank you for taking me on an adventure to a magical place, for the feeling of excitement when learning a new spell, for the happiness in forming lifelong friendships, for keeping me on the edge of my seat with anticipation during a battle, for showing me life’s darker side of despair, sadness and loss, for making me laugh so hard it hurts, for making me cry real tears because I can’t control it. For memories that no one else could have created. You’ve taught me the importance of love. How just the act of loving another being can change their course, alter their perceptions. You’ve taught me how to be strong when I’ve fallen farther than rock bottom. You’ve taught me to fight the good fight. You are the best. Yes, it’s all over, your story has been told. But I know this isn’t goodbye.

[me, right, at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book release, 2007]


2 thoughts on “I will miss Harry Potter.

  1. I’m SO SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!! I want to go find Harry Potter and never let him go. When I go see it again I’m wearing my scarf and tie every time! And we have to have a release party when the blu-ray comes out! Full Comstumes!

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